Mission Statement

To be in partnership with individuals with disabilities, their families, the community and to promote and facilitate informed personal choices and meaningful lives. The Philosophy of EPF is based on: Inclusive practices, self-determination, empowerment and self-advocacy. EPF therefore works on


(a)the understanding of the individual’s personal characteristics;


(b) enhancing the individual’s resources through the necessity of state funding as a right and not charity;


(c) the individual’s environment by promoting access to inclusive education, to social, economic and political participation and act as an active pressure group on policymakers.


Working Towards an Inclusive Society -Equal Partners tirelessly advocates for the Right for Rights of individuals with disability/learning difficulties.
All professionals are highly qualified and home educators are graduates with further training by EPF.

Our Services

Early Intervention Transdisciplinary

Home-Inclusive Education

WE ACT(The Walden-EPF)

Young Explorers: 11 to 14

Stepping out programme

My leisure time, MY TIME

Information and News

The Christmas Experience looks a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate together. This is why Equal Partners will be hosting an online event via Zoom so that we may all feel the Christmas Spirit together, with a little help from some chocolate. So come and join us for our online get-together on zoom on the 18th of December at 18:00. We hope to see you there! 

We would like to thank Fundación MAPRFE for helping to sponsor this event, as well as LIDL for providing us with the chocolate.

Equal Partners Foundation would like to thank the organisers of Helping Hands for taking the initiative to publish one of their issues dedicated to our organisation. All income from the sale of the magazine will be donated to us. This is greatly appreciated especially during these difficult times when families with children with disabilities need more support.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we never send any person to collect donations on our behalf. Helping Hands are the exception as they sell their magazines to collect money for us.
We would appreciate any donation and this should be sent either by cheque to our office at 171 St. Christopher Street Valletta or by bank transfer to our account MT89VALL22013000000040016860016.

Important Health Tips


Agenzija Sapport- Online Workshops for parents of children and adults with disabilities on a variety of topics


Meet Our Team
Dr Godwin Micallef
Mr. Kenneth Micallef
Ms Sarah Galea
Professional Member
Mr Luke Allen
Member Representative
Mr Andrew Mayer
Parent Memeber
Dr Elena Tanti Burlo
Ms Laura Barry
Services Coordinator
Ms Berta Cuschieri
Professional Member
Mr Silvio Farrugia
Parent Member
Ms Isabelle Magri Sciberras
Parent Member
Kindly note that donations are welcome. We appreciate if you forwarded to our account with BOV: MT89VALL22013000000040016860016